Compatible with Tattoo and PMU Machine's 

Cartridges are in sterile packaging. Designed for single use only, to be removed from sterile packaging immediately before use. When inserting the cartridges one must not touch them on the tip.

Attention-risk of injury! The cartridge containes needles that can come out if handled improperly and may lead to injuries. Avoid pressure on the needle shaft (back of the cartridge) since it forces the needle to exit the needle tube.


Understanding Needles: 

R - Single Needle

RL - Round Liner: tight needle configuration

RS- Round Shader: needle configuration is further appart

SF- Sloped Flat

U- Curved

Nano (0.16 - 0.25)

Standard (0.30)


Thunderlord Power PMU Needle / Cartridge 20pc

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