Poseable Hands are mostly silicone with armature inside which allows you adjust the fingers in a desired position.

Attention: These hands/fingers are made individually for each order. Production time is 8-10 days after the order is placed.

Nail tips sizes (Nail Tips sold separately ) for each finger:

Pinky - #8
Ring - #4
Middle - #4
Pointer - #5
Thumb - #0

Please note that each hand is custom made so there could be slight difference from pictures: small bubbles,bumps or lines, slightly different skin color.

These hand are ready to use and perfect for newbies, schools that need models ( no more "model no show" problems) and for technicians who want to play with materials in free time.

Please note that hands are very similar to real hand which is ideal for mastering your skills. It has sensitive cuticles and sides. Do not cut it!

HOW TO USE: put acrylic tip in cuticle pocket as deep as you can. You can practice nail art and extensions and remove the nail from cuticle pocket when finished.

If you accidentally damage silicone hand, rip cuticle or sidewall, you can fix it Devcon Silicone Adhesive or Sil-Poxy by Smooth-On. Just apply small amount of adhesive on damaged area and let it dry completely.

If you hand gets dirty with dust, glitter/chrome etc., just wash it with soap in warm water. You can use soft brush to remove chrome and flakes.

Red Iguana Silicone Practice Hand


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