The Dual Form Shaping Tips help you create a perfectly structured nail every time using the Fusion Poly Acryl Gel./n/nHow to Use Dual Form Shaping Tips/n1. Prep natural nails and apply Ultima Bond. Cure as directed./n2. Pick and size a Dual Form Shaping Tip slightly larger than the natural nail./n3. Fill the tip to the desired length with Fusion Poly Acryl Gel./n4. Gently attach the tip to the prepped nail. Lightly brush away excess gel underneath to ensure a smooth, even application./n5. Cure the nail for 90 seconds in an LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp./n6. Gently pop the form off and reveal your perfectly shaped nail extension. Use Cleaner to cleanse both the top and bottom of the enhancement./n7. Shape and buff the free edge - no need to file the nail surface./n8. Apply colour gel or gel polish as desired. Seal with a Sealant of your choice and cure as directed.

LCN Fusion Clear Form Tips


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