Our award-winning adhesive designed for Lash Stylists looking for an adhesive that works just as fast as they do. Instant bond and highly flexible for a seamless finish.

Size: 10ml and 2ml

Strength: ****

Sensitivity: *

Bond Life: 5 weeks

Drying Time: 1-2 seconds

Color: Black

Ideal Humidity: 50-60%

Ideal Room Temperature: 70-72°F

Viscosity: Medium

For Advanced Stylists only

Best for Classic Lashes and HD Volume Lashes application

Item is shipped enclosed in a heat deflecting pouch with silica gel packet and glue pin

Usage Instructions:

Store in refrigerator with silica gel packet for best quality (silica gel absorbs excess moisture and keeps adhesive dry). Allow bottle to reach room temperature and shake well prior to opening. Use included glue pin if adhesive nozzle gets clogged. If adhesive begins to separate, becomes more tacky and has a strong odor, it s time to replenish. Discard product after 2-3 months from production date.

Pro Tips:

Clean spout with acetone or alcohol after each use to avoid the cap from plugging.

Replenish adhesive drop every 10-15 minutes, depending on humidity, for optimal performance.

Monitor room humidity with hydrometer to improve lash bond.