9 Classic Microblade

The perfect microblade for beginners.

The pointed tip and 9 needles makes precise hair stroke work a breeze. It’s small profile is easy to control — great for fine, detailed work and more subtle, slim brows.

14 Curved Microblade

This versatile microblade covers a lot of surface area with its 14 needles. Combining the point of the 9 Classic and the curve of the U Needle, it’s perfect for creating medium to full eyebrows.

U Needle Microblade

Create natural, flowing curved hair strokes with ease. The U needle’s unique shape helps to guide your hand to make it effortless, yet precise.
This is an advanced tool, recommended for experienced artists.

19 Shader Microblade

Create bolder combo brows with added depth. 

Use the 19 shader for more dimension through the middle of the brow, while keeping crisp, fluffy hair strokes on the edges. This is an advanced tool, recommended for experienced artists.

Microblading Sampler Pack

This sampler pack is a great choice for new artists, schools, and trainers. Each pack has eight microblades total: two 9 Classic, two 14 Curved, two U Needle and two 19 Shaders.

TD Signature Microblades

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